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What is another commonly used term for conversion optimization


Conversion optimization is typically part of the full spectrum of the conversion rate optimization services which can wary based on the element we want to optimize. But there is a lot of different definitions that cover this field.

Time is also one of the things that are defined by what the term will be. For example how long should you let your conversion optimization experiments run on average depends on the element you want to optimize and traffic or visitors you have towards it. Low traffic and CRO won't work.

Conversion optimization consultant

Is a person that consults help e-commerce of B2B company sites on technical analysis, CR gains and technical site improvements to achieve lifts in revenue.

They start their work with an audit of the website and look into things like:

  • how marketing is used in content and sales materials or on social media,
  • how integrations like HubSpot, HotJar etc. are working together,
  • how Google Analytics is set up and if the data is correct,
  • how Google Ads or Facebook Ads campaigns are made and if they can be improved,
  • how inbound marketing affects conversions,
  • how technical website design, speed and development affect the user experience on mobile or desktop,
  • How customers interact with the site and create a “voice of the customer” through surveys,
  • and a lot more

High-end consultants tend to come with a CXL certification.

Conversion rate optimization agency

Is usually a specialized agency that focuses on CRO programs as a team of marketers, designers and CRO specialists.

CRO specialist

Usually, an in-house person that handles the CRO program for the company and uses the other team's resources (copywriters, designers, developers, Facebook ads,....) to increase conversion rates for sales or leads.

Lead conversion optimization

A person that specializes in optimizing lead generation for B2B companies, but can also acquire them for eCommerce via content marketing and newsletter signups.

Lead nurturing is also a process tied to this work

Conversion funnel optimization

This term is used for optimization of sales funnel steps like TOFU (top of funnel conversion), MOFU (middle of the funnel), BOFU (bottom of funnel conversion). The goal is to convert the at the end of this funnel and can be a signup, product sale, subscription or even just an action like a share.

So what is another commonly used term for conversion optimization that is used mostly?

The correct answer or the most widely known would be conversion rate optimization as it's more specific and CRO is widely used as a shorter name for it.