I'm Darjan Hren —
a conversion designer.

I started as a visual designer, but now I do a mix of everything from designing brands and high-converting web sites & landing pages, building & growing saas apps & e-commerce brands, tweeting and making videos about it.

What I'm really obsessed with is experimenting with different fields and crossing them together to create something new and using that for bussiness growth.

I didn't stop there. I keep going.

My services and projects

My Conversion-focused Design Studio

Get +20% more revenue with Conversion Rate Optimization + Conversion UX/UI Design in 90 days or I'll work for you for FREE until I get you this result.


You can hire me to help you grow your eCommerce brand through branding, conversion-focused design, conversion rate optimization & email marketing.


Darjan Hren is a multidisplionary CRO Designer making new brands and high-converting web sites & landing pages while making new stuff.