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How to increase sales on Etsy: 9 Best Marketing Strategies to increase your sales on etsy


Etsy is a platform for selling craft and DIY items and products. As a marketplace, you need to use marketings and even advertising to make more sales. With the increase in social media platforms, it's important that you are not only doing well on Etsy but also using these platforms as part of your marketing strategy.

Lucky for those of us trying our hand at this business there are many great ways that we can do so.

If you want more customers on Etsy then this article will be helpful for you!

  1. Find people who have similar items to yours by going through their feedback section or reviews.

  2. Reach out to them and have a Skype call. This would be great for talking about particular pictures, prices, or different ideas for how they might promote the items they make.

  3. Take photos outside anywhere that will stand out! You can even contact companies working in public spaces where you want your products to be showcased (restaurants, vending machines and so on).

  4. Build relationships with shops like Barnes and Noble where you could feature your product as well as offering free shipping inside the store.

Here are also some tips to take into consideration or learn to get better at selling on Etsy:

  • Copywriting
  • Managing Product Pricing
  • Building Shop Copy
  • Ad Blend Ads is a way of that you can advertise your Etsy shop or products on other sites (YouTube, Facebook).

What are the 9 best ways to market an Etsy Shop?

Marketplaces for selling goods is rapidly expanding. From Amazon and eBay to Shapa, Bonanza, Jet and more; everyone wants in on this new revenue opportunity. Among the many marketing options for online stores like these are a few that you should focus on when marketing your own.

Some brands despite having their products on Esty also have an eCommerce store on Shopify as another stream of sales.

This list is chalk full of some essential strategies as well as an experienced perspective to help you 'market smart'.

9 Best Etsy Marketing Strategies for the DIY Entrepreneur:

1. Create an Etsy shop for making more sales

A website not only looks professional but also provides the ability to start and keep track of relationships with repeat customers. It's an important touchpoint in your marketing efforts-and it costs less than you think!

2. Design your store logos & other graphic assets

This might sound like a no-brainer, but many store owners choose inexpensive or unprofessional graphics because they don't want to spend money on the project.

Professionally designed graphics will help you stand out from the pack and generate more repeat business.

3. Provide unique product descriptions for more Etsy sales

Do all of your products say, "I'm this type of DIY product with these materials?" Customized descriptions create a unique identity for each product in your store while allowing Etsy shoppers to learn about it before they purchase it.

4. Blog your inspirations & adventures

Blogging is a free way to give your followers content three times per week or more without having to spend hours for every blog post.

Regular blogging can lead to more email subscribers, Twitter followers, and a community of customers who rely on you for the newest updates or coupon codes.

5. List your shop at every opportunity to increase awareness

Whether you're getting interviewed on a YouTube Channel about your crafty new business, mentioning it in social media posts regularly, or advertising it on Pinterest-pimping out your shop is a free promotion you won't regret doing frequently!

Don't forget that you're the best marketer for your own business.

6. Sell unique stuff to increase Etsy sales

If all of your jewelry is made from the same mold, offer a variety of styles, colors, and finishes to attract more customers. Make something totally different to catch people's eyes!

7. Use Photos of your products to boost conversion rate

By obsessively taking photos or even doing test shots in different ways (i.e., close ups, five dollar items with cheaper equivalent), fabulous photos often make better product.

8. Take Advantage of Google AdWords Rewards

Etsy is a big player in the online marketing world, and they offer their users product marketing through Google. If you have an existing business account connected to your e-mail address, you gain access to this service for free!

9. Signature color swatch cards

These are fun, redundant additions that really illustrate your color palette. In summary, the best Etsy marketing strategy for a DIY/maker entrepreneurs to ensure you have a cohesive approach and make sure every detail counts!

I hope you enjoyed this article on how to increase sales on Etsy, don't forget to think about your potential customers and target audience!

This article is meant to provide tips for how to increase your revenue on Etsy.