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How to increase sales on eBay: 15 Tips to increase eBay sales by 300%


Many people have a store on eBay, but few actually know how to increase their sales.

In order to get the most out of your eBay store, you need to understand what makes some stores successful and others not so much. The key is understanding how eBay's search engine works.

For example, in order for a buyer to find your items in an auction or even a “buy it now” listing they will need to use one of two keywords that relate to your product.

The second example, if you are selling a pair of shoes and they type in “shoes” eBay will not show your listing on the search page.

The trick is to use two keywords that relate to your product. One can be the name of the item while another keyword would be related words like “sneakers” or “running shoes”

Some buyers may think this sounds complicated but it really isn't too hard once you know what converts well and what doesn't.

Knowing your audience and the users' search intent is important. You also need to think about the buyer and if he's just browsing or has buyer intent as well.

Here are 15 tips on how to increase your sales on eBay:

1. Keyword research for eBay

As we discussed, the right keywords can be really important for you. So it's always a good idea to do keyword research and find out what keywords are most searched for on eBay.

PRO TIP: if you don't know how to do this, then just Google "keyword tool" and select a tool that will suit your needs best (depending on your level of experience). You should start with trying to find the average monthly search volume for each keyword or set of

2. List new items every day

Listing new products every day has the benefit of getting more views on your eBay store. This is because as you list new items, those items will be the first listings that come up in a user's search results.

Having lots of products listed means more people who are looking for what you have to offer will find your product page when they search for it on eBay.

3. Item detail research

eBay has a feature called "item detail research" where you can see information about how often an item sells and its rank (what position it occupies etc).

4. Free shipping if possible

As shipping is an additional cost, the customer may want to purchase the item from a store with free shipping. To make your product more attractive and get customers to buy, offer free shipping as an incentive for buyers who are on the fence about buying from you.

Many people search for items with free shipping and it could be an advantage if you offer this option.

5. Good reviews on eBay

A customer may be more inclined to buy from a seller if they have good reviews, or the sellers may offer incentives like discounts on products or priority listing of new items so that they can get feedback on their work sooner.

6. Only show highly rated reviews

Only show highly rated reviews and remove the negative ones. This has the effect of raising the average rating. This is an easy way to give your store a higher ranking and attract more customers.

7. Have good prices

Be competitive with pricing in order to stay at the top of search results pages. Offering discounts can also help with conversions.

Figure out the best price point and do research on your competition. This will give you an idea of how to price your items right.

8. List high-quality items

If you want to increase eBay sales, only list higher quality products that will interest your customers. Your goal is to produce positive feedback and get more repeat buyers.

Customers appreciate when they can trust the store or seller so listing high-quality products help with this factor as well as having a good reputation on eBay.

9. Innovation and unique products

If you want to increase eBay sales, a good way is to have innovative and unique products. What's in demand today might not be popular tomorrow so it's important that you focus on what your customers are looking for right now. Innovation helps with customer retention as well because they will feel like they're getting something new when returning to the store or site.

10. Always do research - on and off eBay and seller research

To increase eBay sales, always conduct research before buying inventory from others. Find a product that has many sales, quantity and read the reviews to get a better idea of what customers want.

Don't be afraid to take a risk and try something new but always be sure that it will provide you with the success that you are looking for.

Don't forget to track and measure eBay sales whenever you can so you will understand the impact of your changes.

Successful e-Commerce stores can be a great way to learn, research and find new ideas to experiment with.

11. Do not overprice

Many stores on eBay get their prices wrong by either charging too much or pricing their products too low, this is often because they don't understand how eBay's search engine works. You should always look at similar products before putting up your own.

12. Offer a return policy that is generous

Take into account your customer's needs. For example, if a product is too expensive to ship back from Australia or the United States then you should offer to refund their money after they send it back in order for them not to lose out on the original shipping cost.

13. Respond quickly to your eBay customers

If customers have any problems with your product, make sure that you respond as soon as possible by either emailing them or leaving a message in their comments section so that they know they can come straight to you if they have problems.

Great customer support is one of the most important parts of a great customer experience so make sure that you're putting in the time to do it right.

Amazon is a great example of how great customer experience can be rewarding. You can see that by reading reviews of successful merchants.

14. Be consistent to increase sales

One of the most important parts of running a successful eBay store is consistency. One way to be more consistent is by listing your items for sale at set intervals and prices so that customers know what they can expect from you when they come back.

If you have stock changes often, be clear about this on your listings so people don't make purchasing decisions based on old information.

15. Share your listing and get your product on social media

There's a wide range of social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest that you can share your listings and products on. use great photos and images with engaging copy and descriptions with call to action.

Conclusion on how to increase eBay sales

In summary, there are many small tweaks that can make a big difference in how much you sell on eBay. Your goal should be to test, experiment and try new things constantly to see what sticks.

Try and measure everything and maybe even a/b test to see what performs best.

It's all about giving buyers the best experience possible, and as long as you do that, eBay will reward you for it.