Darjan Hren Conversion Optimization Consultant

I help you get more sales by designing custom digital marketing experiences

Generate faster growth through:

  • conversion rate optimization,
  • growth marketing experimentation,
  • custom conversion focused web design,
  • development of lightning fast websites


Design that converts

Create a branded website with a voice that is authentic and attracts customers.
Get branding and a striking web design that connects and converts.
  • Design as a unique selling proposition
  • Integrate your core values into your service/product branding and marketing
  • Split testing web design solutions that connect with your customers on an emotional level
  • UX/UI design services that remove friction and inhibit clarity
  • Conversion funnel consultation & help

Website that are build for scale

Start to generate revenue & set your business up future for success.
Get a website with unparalleled user experience, speed & security at a fraction of the cost.
  • Sales-driven focus turning visitors into buyers
  • Mobile first responsive website best practices
  • Affordable enterprise speed, performance & security
  • Scalable low-maintenance tech stack from start
  • Best tech practices for Wordpress/WooCommerce or Gatsby & Sanity & Snipcart JAMStack

Growth as a mindset

Obtain a growth mindset, iterate, experiment and grow succesfully
Benefit from conversion rate optimization services that bring results
  • Conversion Rate Optimization A/B split tests
  • Landing page & Ad optimization
  • Email marketing & review gen automations
  • Content Marketing and SEO strategy
  • Test and measure new revenue ideas and channels


Convert to the Emotional Design Matrix

Circular approach to problem solving of your conversion rates

My methods use an iterative system of solutions, each solution is better than the previous one and each has more data and a better insight of the problem. Granular understanding of every detail and how it impacts other elements is crucial for finding better holistic solutions.

The whole process is encompanied by a Learn & Improve mindset to find and craft unique opportunities that bring evolution.

Discover your potential and execute best solutions based on the Emotional Design Matrix


Consultant with an "Anything is possible" mindset

Best thing about conversion rate optimisation is that you can measure WHAT works. Understanding WHY it works will enable you to improve things even further. Emotional Design Matrix is a methoodology created to bring results.







Voice of customer & qualitative analysis for focused problem solving

Each business is different and comes with it's own problems and challenges. What are yours? Data and analytics can give you wins quickly.


Constantly experimenting, learning and growing

Experimentation and testing is an important part of the optimization process. It's sometimes hard to test big ideas on sensitive parts of websites so this is a a/b testing and growth playground of my own profitable brands everyone benefits from.

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