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Lunnu is like a "Netflix for Toys". You have a selection of various craft projects or paper toys or objects to print, cut and glue together.

It's a personal and ongoing project of mine so if you like it, subsribe to the email newsletter to get updates and free toys.

One of lunnu goals is to be able to ge able to give free accounts and printers with paper to child hospitals all around the world.


The Gravure coop is building commercially viable web applications as a means to secure future sustainable income for their members. By fusing state-of-the-art technology with the passion of our people, their products are qualitative, innovative and meant to last.


Panic was a design studio that never was. Despite that the new website was never put live it's visual identity is still fresh today.

The logo visually fits the context of the word "panic".


Monoflux is a name for pro gamer supplements brand and nutrition. Online gaming and eSports have become extremely popular and compeitive so a lot of companies want to jump in on this rising niche.

One of the benefits if instant brain enhancers is reaction time which impacts the pro gamer positively making him react better in first person shooter games.

Look & feel is one of my favorite in this logo-collection.


Designer community that offers a collection of UX/UI, freelance and other creative resources for desirners to upgrade their skills and knowledge.

The colored version in the project makes this one of my favorite logos, clean and memorable.


A monogram logo/symbol for a blogger and his personal website.

Breakfast Bunch

Logotype for a T-Shirt brand that prints custom illustrations they design themselves. Designers love silk screen printing, a fun fact.


A wordmark for a premium supplements subscription brand that's connected with nature as it helps them source high-quality ingredients from all over the world.

This means that the products only have the best from all over the world ranging from brain enhancers, vitamins, and other well-being categories.


Logo for a brand identity that offers peronalized workouts, supplements and mindset services. An all in one habit tracker for making a positive change and get healthy.