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Landing page conversion optimization

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Product pages for supplements or nutrition products have a lot of information and data. Ingredients tables, faqs, how they work, what they do, features and benefits, formulas,...

If the product is well known or rather mainstream like Vitamin C, it does not need to have that much information. But when a product is for weight loss and comes in a drink shape and is not really a "standard" or mainstream product, you need to give the vistior a lot more information.

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Structure and prioritise the content

If you have a lot of things to say, you need to structure the content better and prioritise what's important, what copy sells and what copy informs or educates .

Fragment it and put back together so it flows more naturally and has specific sections that answer just one problem.

Landing page optimisation

In this solution, the "wall of text" product page that wasn't really readable and the information wasn't easily diggestable was turned into a more visual presentation of the product. Not much copy was chagned, but it was stuctured better and hierarchically arranged.

Design has the power to make any information more interesting, palying to our attention. It can also help with content "filtering & reading" and it helps to prominently display what matters.

The solution had more then 50 micro ideas that changed the experience for the user and turned a generic cheap product into a premium one that the user craves for. Below is a list of design and other changes that helped increase conversions, note that some of these were not added to the first test as they should be tested separetely so we can measure what it's impact is (like free shipping).

I've kept the list as I wrote it so you can see exactly what my thoughts were for each section.

Here are the conversion design ideas list for this landing page:

  • simplify/make logo bigger/stand out
  • add just a home button with arrow back
  • remove as it’s distracting/confusing
  • benefits below add to basket above,
  • separate or remove 10 satches,
  • remove 100% money back / duplicated,
  • add the guarantee from left
  • remove / duplicated
  • better, more realistic render, face towards something nice
  • Image has to be gender neutral (both male/female),
  • Try image that is more “ambiental” realistic with the product”,
  • picture the product around “ingredients”
  • make it nicer, more readable
  • add image, maybe background?
  • turn text into bullets / create reassurances
  • bullets have green ticks
  • bullets have red crosses for things like no side effects
  • more compact/ w columns?
  • make nicer/ stand out
  • use better /real images,
  • make it look more “scientific/natural”,
  • mobile has images left, text/right, more compact
  • make compact/ cleaner and nicer,
  • use accordion to remove clutter, improve hierachy of information, anything better?
  • make new section
  • change this, connect with title above, make red. reuse top module,
  • make the discounter price smaller than the crossed out retail price
  • simplify, reorder how to use+ warnings,…
  • make ingredients into a new section
  • redesign this, make smaller, simpler, cleaner,
  • check if these have 1,2,3 anywhere,
  • find references in text and create “tooltips”?
  • remove this
  • make smaller
  • redesign / make nicer,
  • maybe put above the fold as benefits bar?
  • add some bullets next to the order module (shipping,…)
  • should i redesign this? make simpler, cleaner so it doesn’t stand out?
  • add testimonials with KEY BENEFITS in titles (quote + image + starts + results + package + how long it took)
  • titles as “still uses/likes it after a year,…”,
  • add stars/rating and results?
  • have 3 review boxes throughout the site?
  • get star ratings from somewhere else?
  • big photo testimonial?
  • testimonial location based on visitor geoip?
  • add something like, sold 1000 bottles under the order now button?
  • create a section?
  • weight loss calculator section/modal / combine with order quantity?
  • add age, weight, package/product to see what the change was and in what time?
  • results right away or results to email?
  • empowering headline or problem/solution
  • do something valueable in a bettwer way that you werent’ able to
  • social proof photos (instagram)
  • product photos/gallery?
  • make a how it works section
  • take each step for the product
  • Free Shipping?
  • If not, add more for free shipping notification?

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