Calm - IOS14 App Icons for customizing your iPhone home screen

Customise the look of your iPhone home screen with 30+ high beautifully designed IOS 14 app icons.


Each icon is custom designed and unique to get the desired clean look & feel. IOS14 allows the customization of the home screen with the Shortcuts' app this icon set feels like a new iPhone.

This FREE icon pack includes:

  • 30 icons
  • 2 themes - dark and light
  • Wallpapers for various iPhone models
  • Instructions & tips

The PRO version includes:

  • everything in FREE
  • + 50 more app icons
  • + Gold theme
  • + ability to request new icons

Both versions give you all future updates and lifetime access.

Download Calm Icon Set

The goal is to also lover the Screen Time by only limited to one screen as well as disabling all notfications besides phone and messages. You can always experiment with your settings but this concept gets best results.

Icons work for iPhone 6 and above with IOS14 installed.

More icons will be added.

Download Calm Icon Set

Get a new iPhone experience without a new iPhone

What's included in the IOS 14 app icons set

  •  Light + Dark theme Hi-RES free IOS icons in PNG format
  •  Home screen wallpapers in different screen sizes
  •  Instructions included
  • Option to request new icons for free
  • By "purchasing" the product, you get all future icon updates and lifetime access.

Benefits of using the Icon set

To create a unique user experience & user interface, the design has been improved to achieve these benefits:

  • Lowers screen clutter
  • Lowers fatigue
  • Fights high screen time

The custom theme helped me to reduce my Screen Time by -38% without the loss of being productive.

How do I change the icons on my iPhone?

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use this icon pack to customize your home screen:


Download IOS icons, unzip and upload the icons set folder to iCloud.


Open the Shortcuts App.


Tap the + in the top right corner to add a new shortcut.


Tap the Add Action button.


Choose the Scripting option.


Choose the Open App option.


Tap on Choose to select the App you want to open.


Search or select the app.


Tap the circle button with 3 dots.


Tap the Add to Home Screen option.


Tap the second small icon below.


Select the Choose File option.


Browse or search inside the the uploaded icon set in the iCloud folder for the specific icon and select it.


Once you select the icon, you can rename it.


To have a cleaner screen, you can delete the icon text by tapping on the X.


You will see a success notification popup.


The new icon is displayed on your home screen.

Don't forget to add the white or dark IOS 14 Wallpapers as well. You can also mix IOS14 icons and match the light or dark icons with whatever iPhone home screen wallpapers suits you best.