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The Bizarreness Effect Cognitive Bias for Online Advertising and Marketing

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The Bizarreness Effect is an interesting yet important cognitive bias that affects the way we perceive online advertising and marketing. It is not a new term, but rather one that has been slowly gaining recognition in recent years as it becomes more common for businesses to advertise and market their products or services on the internet.

The term "Bizarreness Effect" refers to the fact that something that is seen as strange or out of the ordinary will often grab attention more quickly than something familiar. This effect can be beneficial for ecommerce stores, designers, and marketers who are looking to stand out from the competition by creating eye-catching content and ads.

What is the Bizarreness Effect?

The Bizarreness Effect describes how people react to something they find strange or unfamiliar.

This phenomenon has been studied extensively in psychology and cognitive science; research has shown that people tend to remember bizarre or novel stimuli better than they remember normal or mundane ones.

For example, let's say you were presented with two images: one of a woman walking a dog wearing a hat, and another of a woman riding a llama in hot pink pajamas—which image do you think you'd remember better? Most likely the second one because it's unexpected and unusual.

So why does this matter for ecommerce stores, designers, and marketers? Because if your goal is to create content or ads that will capture someone's attention quickly (and ideally encourage them to take action) then using the Bizarreness Effect could be an effective way to do so.

How can I use the Bizarreness Effect in my online advertising and marketing?

There are several ways you can use this cognitive bias in your online advertising and marketing efforts:

Use unexpected visuals in your ads

Instead of just showing product images, incorporate visuals like illustrations, videos, or animations into your ads as well. This can help draw attention since people are used to seeing traditional product images all day long.

Focus on unique stories

If you have an interesting story behind your product/service then tell it! People love stories that are inspiring or out of the ordinary; this could help make your brand stand out from competitors who are just focusing on features/benefits alone.

Leverage audience curiosity

You don't always have to go over-the-top with bizarreness; sometimes simply sparking curiosity with an intriguing headline or copy can be enough to get someone interested in finding out more about what you're offering.

Experiment with different formats

Trying different formats like virtual reality demos or interactive quizzes can also be effective in engaging potential customers since these aren't things they see every day (at least not yet).

Bizarreness Effect: takeaways

The Bizarreness Effect is an important cognitive bias that should not be overlooked when crafting online advertisements and marketing campaigns.

By leveraging this effect ecommerce store owners, designers, and marketers can create content that stands out from competitors by using visuals, stories, curiosity tactics, and even different formats to engage potential customers quickly.