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    Black and white app icons: How to upgrade your iPhone aesthetic with black and white icons


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    After downloading iOS 14, the majority of us keep looking for ideas for customizing app icons, widgets, themes, and wallpapers. Many iPhone users find the process of making the iPhone aesthetic to be time-consuming and frustrating.

    If you are one of the iPhone users who is too busy to keep changing iPhone themes or icons and give your iPhone a creative and personalized touch then icon packs are for you.

    Where do I get iOS icons for all my apps in one pack?

    There are many app icon packs available online to change your app icons and themes without any hassles. I prefer the Calm App Icon pack to make the process easy and get attractive iPhone iOS 14 icons, themes, and wallpapers all in one.

    Calm app icons pack: Improve your IOS aesthetic with black and white icons

    Calm app icons pack - Improve your IOS aesthetic
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    If you are wondering how to change app icons on iOS 14? Do read our article about changing app icons iOS 14 for detailed step by step instruction.

    I usually prefer to have an elegant and beautiful iPhone home screen and it will be the cherry on the cake if my app icons match with themes. The combination of classy IOS 14 aesthetic with custom app icons and themes not only provides a best look but also helps me to stay organized and productive by decluttering my iPhone home screen and makes it easy to find the app easily.

    The theme and icon combination which I love is black and white color icons and background.

    How do you change app icons to black and white to improve the IOS 14 aesthetic?

    There are many benefits of choosing the right theme and icon pack. If you want to decrease iPhone screen time and prefer a cleaner home screen, then I would suggest a simple block and white icons and themes. Grayscale is soothing to the eyes and looks elegant. Another thing you can do is to hide the apps which you rarely use and use the search bar to open such apps. This will help you to declutter your iPhone and stay productive.

    Calm app icons: A solution (without a new app) for an amazing aesthetic for IOS

    Calm App Icon pack provides you such elegant themes with perfect app icons and backgrounds. You can also play around with different black and white colors like having black icons, white background, or a black notification bar. If you are not particularly a fan of grayscale, you can always go with different color themes and fonts to go with your black and white icons.

    The best part about going for the Calm App Icon pack is it provides a lot of different iOS 14 themes and hi-resolution iOS icons. You can also add images or photographs to get a personalized touch to your iPhone home screen. To take your iPhone to an aesthetic level you can also combine black icons for the top grid and white icons for the bottom shortcuts bar. The instructions provided with the icon pack are simple and you don’t have to waste your time to make your iPhone IOS 14 aesthetic give a personalized look.

    Here are a few ideas to customize your iPhone and give it an elegant black look (using the Calm Icons):

    Get Calm App Icons

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